One SHIFT Can Change Everything!

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In this SHIFT Summary episode Blake gives his quick takes on his recent interview with Darnell Self. Blake highlights five key shifts that can help direct selling entrepreneurs grow and elevate their business.

Shift 1: From Constantly Restarting to Continually Reinventing

The first shift is to go from constantly restarting to continually reinventing, emphasizing the importance of passion, understanding one’s “why” and having accountability from others to stay the course. 

Shift 2: React Less to Circumstances and Don’t Judge the Moment

The second shift is to learn how to react less to circumstances and not judge the moments one is in, as they may become something greater in the future. 

Shift 3: Shine a Spotlight on the Newest Stories

The third shift is to constantly shine a spotlight on the newest stories, as this will help people joining today to believe in the potential of the opportunity.

Shift 4: Make the Shift from Transactions to Building Intentional Relationships

The fourth shift is to make the shift from transactions to building intentional relationships, as people on the team are more than just metrics. 

Shift 5: Focus on the Long-Term Vision and Not Get Distracted by Short-Term Wins

Lastly, the fifth shift is to focus on the long-term vision and not get distracted by short-term wins. Darnell encourages entrepreneurs to stay focused on their goals and to water the grass where they are, as the grass is not always greener on the other side.