Mastering the Art of Effective Systems with Onyx Coale

Direct Selling Shift

October 30, 2023
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Listen now:

Key Moments:
00:02:50 – Onyx’s Journey to Direct Selling
00:05:31 – Misconceptions About Network Marketing
00:07:27 – Learning to Listen
00:09:17 – Building a Community
00:13:44 – The Power of a System
00:14:48 – Restarting for Success
00:15:49 – Building a Good System
00:17:03 – The Power of Duplication
00:28:00 – Magical Math in Network Marketing
00:29:09 – Endurance and Perseverance
00:31:38 – Overcoming Doubts and Negative Influences
00:34:08 – The Power of Collaboration and Equality in Network Marketing
00:39:45 – The Importance of Being Present
00:43:14 – Shifting Beliefs About Money
00:43:57 – Ignorance on Fire
00:45:56 – The Gift of Sharing

Mastering the Art of Effective Systems with Onyx Coale

If you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your network marketing business or looking for a way to increase your results, you’re in the right place! Direct Selling is rapidly evolving based on a multitude of factors: consumer preferences, ecommerce, technology and more. But one thing remains true regardless of product category or platform…implementing effective systems can revolutionize your business, bringing increased efficiency, productivity, and results. 

Initially skeptical about direct selling, Onyx Coale, a single mother of three, finally said yes to direct selling at the age of 40 after being presented the business opportunity multiple times by her babysitter’s parents. In just seven years, Onyx achieved great success in her business. She then retired from the industry for a few years. In 2019, she began her “second act” in the channel and today, Onyx is the top performer in her current company and has helped dozens of others build successful businesses as well. How? Effective systems and a philosophy of less is more.

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