Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Lead & Inspire with Robin Packard

Direct Selling Shift

February 5, 2024
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In this episode of Direct Selling SHIFT, Blake has an insightful conversation with ROBIN PACKARD–a resilient single mother of three from Kansas, with a background in biology and the hospital industry. Her inspiring health transformation led her to become a top earner in direct selling, specializing in social selling.  In this candid conversation, Robin opens up about her journey – from struggling with self-limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome to finding the courage to put herself out there on social media.

Throughout the episode, she emphasizes the significance of overcoming negative self-talk, highlighting her own experience of initially feeling hesitant about entering the direct selling industry.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Why being your authentic self online is crucial for connection and community.
  • Actionable tactics to shift communication from ineffective DM blasts to more personal outreach.
  • Advice for introverts succeeding in this business.
  • The power of believing in people and speaking positivity into their potential.

We loved Robin’s perspective on seeing the value in every person, not just looking for social media superstars to recruit. Be sure to share this with anyone who needs that extra dose of inspiration to unlock their potential and lead with passion!

About Robin

Meet Robin Packard, a self proclaimed introvert, a single mother of three and a wellness advocate, who turned her biology background into a thriving social selling career. Her journey is a testament to the incredible transformation possible when overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – Finding Your Tribe and Overcoming Judgment
00:00:39 – Introduction to Direct Selling Shift
00:01:13 – Robin’s Journey to Direct Selling
00:04:27 – Embracing the Western Lifestyle
00:13:18 – Perception and Self-Identity
00:14:26 – Authenticity and Vulnerability
00:16:10 – The Impact of Social Media
00:19:18 – Multifaceted Approach to Networking
00:22:08 – Effective Communication Strategies
00:26:32 – Overcoming fear of putting yourself out there
00:27:45 – The importance of setting healthy boundaries
00:32:13 – The significance of personal growth and development
00:35:34 – Recommended books for business building
00:37:43 – Empowering new team members
00:39:50 – Embracing Vulnerability and Leadership
00:40:37 – Investing Time and Energy in Leadership
00:43:32 – Shifts in the Direct Selling Channel
00:47:58 – Personalizing Communication for Impact
00:49:17 – Stepping into a Leadership Role
00:53:09 – The Power of Direct Selling Channel
00:54:45 – Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs
00:55:19 – Strategies for Success
00:56:49 – Recognizing Potential in Others
00:57:33 – Sharing the Conversation

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