Building a Life You Love: Sarah B. on Personal Growth, Mindset and Self-Care

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January 8, 2024
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Building a Life You Love: Sarah B. on Personal Growth, Mindset and Self-Care

January 8, 2024

Join Blake in welcoming Sarah Bjorgaard, a seasoned industry expert. Learn about her impactful journey, transitioning from decades of corporate experience to a full-time distributor. Sarah’s story also emphasizes the critical need for self-care and establishing boundaries in a fast-paced industry where personal well-being can often take a backseat. Discover the power of a positive mindset through actionable strategies, gratitude practices and the value of a supportive network. 

Sarah also imparts her top business practices in the digital realm, sharing favorite tools and apps while emphasizing brand consistency and envisioning a compelling future.

Whether you’re charting your course in the direct selling industry or seeking personal and professional growth, Sarah’s unique blend of strategic thinking and visionary leadership offers invaluable insights and inspiration for any entrepreneur.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Embracing change for personal growth and success in direct selling.
  • Cultivating a positive mindset and prioritizing self-care for a thriving career in social selling.
  • Recommendations on apps and tools for achieving success in today’s digital landscape.
  • Discover the power of unity and collaboration in network marketing for exponential growth.

About Sarah B

Sarah B brings a wealth of experience to the podcast with an outstanding 32-year journey in the direct selling industry. Having started at the young age of 18, she spent 19 years in the field and another 13 years as a corporate executive, contributing to both multimillion and multibillion dollar enterprises. Sarah’s accolades include being voted as one of Utah’s top 30 women to watch and earning a Silver Stevie award for lifetime achievement in the industry. Her recent accomplishment of building a brand new business from scratch, generating over 50,000 customers and business builders in less than two years, showcases her exceptional skills and dedication. With her unique blend of strategic thinking and visionary leadership, Sarah B is set to offer invaluable insights and inspiration to the listeners of the podcast.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the Boards mobile app to house all your tools in one place for easy access and organization.
  • Consider using Linktree to house all your important links in one location for easy sharing and access.
  • Utilize email marketing platforms for automated communication and outreach to your customers and team members.
  • Explore text platform tools for automated messaging and communication with your team and customers.
  • Take the time to create a vision board for the new year to set clear goals and intentions for your personal and professional life.
  • Consider integrating self-care practices into your daily routine to prioritize your physical and mental well-being.
  • Embrace social selling by identifying your niche market and tailoring your social media bio to attract and engage your ideal audience.
  • Show grace and understanding towards corporate headquarters, recognizing the complexity and effort involved in implementing changes and initiatives.
  • Shift your mindset towards collaboration and support within the industry, viewing fellow consultants and distributors as allies rather than competitors.

Key Moments:
00:00:00 – Embracing Change with Positivity
00:02:25 – Sarah’s Journey in Direct Selling
00:05:51 – Corporate Challenges and Personal Struggles
00:09:30 – The Power of Authenticity
00:13:15 – Embracing Change and Growth
00:14:03 – Overcoming Self-Doubt
00:16:10 – Gratitude and Personal Growth
00:18:01 – Curating Supportive Connections
00:19:47 – Creating a Compelling Vision
00:24:44 – Importance of Family Involvement
00:25:32 – Habits for Success
00:27:43 – Shift in Mindset for Self-Care
00:34:52 – Skills for Social Selling
00:35:59 – Identifying Niche Market
00:37:05 – Building a Bio that Makes a Difference
00:41:39 – Navigating Distraction and Noise
00:43:25 – Implementing New Systems and Tools
00:48:59 – Message from Corporate to the Field
00:49:52 – Importance of Grace and Understanding
00:51:23 – Mindset Shift in Professional Life
00:52:44 – Personal Health Transformation
00:53:41 – Empowering Network Marketing Community
00:55:03 – Advice for New Entrepreneurs and Leaders

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