Social Media Strategies That Helped Ellen Ludwig Gain 100K+ Followers

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March 18, 2024
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Want to transform your business and life with a powerful social media strategy? Say goodbye to inconsistent growth and hello to a thriving community and strong online presence. Get ready to learn Ellen Ludwig‘s social media strategies that helped her gain 100k+ followers!

Ellen’s venture into the direct selling industry is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities. After dedicating eight years to corporate America, her longing to prioritize family while pursuing her passion for health and fitness led her to a pivotal moment on social media. Witnessing individuals thriving in the wellness space, she felt a deep resonance with the idea of sharing her journey and expertise virtually. Despite initially lacking social media experience, Ellen’s unwavering drive propelled her into the world of direct selling.

In our conversation Ellen shares her most powerful mindset, skillset and strategy shifts to help you accelerate your business and make a bigger impact. You’ll discover:

  • Her “no excuses” approach to putting in the hard work early on.
  • How she structures her social media content strategy to attract ideal clients.
  • The power of building community both online and offline.
  • Why you must believe you’re “made for more” to reach your potential. 

The key moments in this episode are:

00:03:33 – Pursuing Passion and Entrepreneurship 00:10:18 – Importance of Passion in Entrepreneurship
00:11:50 – Finding Fuel in Passion and Purpose 00:14:25 – Embracing Company Programs and Structure
00:14:50 – The Benefits of Partnering with a Company
00:16:57 – Transition to Coaching Identity
00:18:30 – Importance of Language and Identity 00:20:33 – Transition to Building a Team
00:23:54 – The Evolution of Work-Life Balance 00:30:09 – Leveraging Social Media for Business Growth
00:32:25 – Embracing Social Media Shifts
00:34:27 – Adapting to Changing Technology 00:36:14 – Understanding Your Ideal Client
00:40:29 – Content Strategy and Frequency
00:44:01 – Building a Strong Community
00:46:53 – Importance of Onboarding
00:48:01 – Personal and Professional Shifts
00:51:47 – Empowering Beliefs
00:53:53 – The Power of Consistency

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Use Canva to create engaging carousel posts for your social media to attract and engage your ideal clients.
  • Consider starting a Facebook group for new clients to create a sense of community and provide tailored support and education.
  • Stay consistent in your business and social media efforts to see long-term growth and success.
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